New Folk Favorite!

American Buffalo Ghost recently released their new album, “Folk Songs and the Weird Americana”, and our team got to do a review of it! Let me first start off by saying, I was instantly drawn in to the 60s rock vibe that opened the album. This vibe is hard to replicate, and is very reminiscent of Mountain, John Denver, and some modern country all mixed together. The light and airy acoustic guitar, mixed with the deep, but powerful vocals help to tell a story. I can’t help but think of being on a road trip and driving through the Nevada desert(which I have never been to), with all the windows down while this album plays. I have never been a huge fan of folk rock, however I do enjoy it every once and a while, and I do appreciate it. However, this album has officially made me a fan of the genre, and I have a new found love for Folk Rock. The vocals, the lyrical content, the backing guitar, it all flows together nicely and evenly. This album will easily be on my summer BBQ playlist, you should check it out, you’ll love it!

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