New EP “Silver Lining” by Blind Choice!

Alternative rock band Blind Choice just released their newest EP, “Silver Lining” and our team got a listen! The EP begins with “Nothing Left”, showing a more mature-in your-face sound. The song starts off reminiscent of Linkin Park, with a light piano intro. The vocals of frontman Dylan Pysher also show a new evolution. This track is the first track where we hear his unclean vocals, showing his true vocal talent. The next track is “Without a Goodbye”, which again pushes on the nu-metal influences, this time featuring a rap from bassist Matt Habrial, which, when combined with Dylan’s vocals, is very similar to the Mike Shinoda/Chester Bennington duo of Linkin Park. Something else worth mentioning is the intense drumming of Tanner Snyder, which is reminiscent of the drumming of Dave Grohl on the Nevermind album. The next track, titled “The Mistake” focuses even further on Pysher’s lyrical talent. Throughout this EP, it’s clear of his knack for storytelling, but “The Mistake” tells a sad story of making a mistake with someone who means a lot to you, and realizing how much it truly affected that person. This is also where Snyder’s drumming also shines the brightest, the unrivaled beat and complex tempo. Finally, the EP ends with “Relive”, a slower, ballad-esque track that discusses struggles, and being reminded that you are never alone in this world. It’s worth mentioning that just this past November, the band won “Best Alternative Band” from the 2021 Steamtown Music Awards, and it is very clear why. Overall, I was insanely impressed with the evolution of the band, and the progress they have made. The future is very bright for Blind Choice!

Catch them on December 30th at the Sherman Showcase in Stroudsburg

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