New Death Metal Album by Florida Heros!

Tampa heros “The Absence” just released their new heavy ass album “Coffinized” on Friday, June 25th, and let me tell you if you didn’t check this out yet, you’re screwing something up! This is their 5th studio album and it is seriously so good! 

I love everything about this album, from the super cool riffs to the insane blast beats. Like I can honestly say this album will bring you to “Riff Town, USA” if that place was real! My featured song for this album will be “Future Terminal” for the sick breakdown they do about a minute or so into the song. 

You can go check out Coffinized with the link below, just be sure not to headbang so hard that you give yourself whiplash! Which reminds me, I need to go and get checked out by a doctor!

-Written by: Ray Meoni


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