New Banger from Skies of Terra!

Pittsburgh based metal band, “Skies of Terra” just released their new album, “The Party is Over” and we got to listen to it firsthand! First, the album starts off with the track, “Salt of the Earth” which is reminiscent of older post-hardcore bands like Emmure, and as someone who grew up mostly listening to post-hardcore, I love it. Skies of Terra offers some genre-bending goodies throughout this entire album, something that I love to see, especially lately. Next, we have the track “Cloud Chaser” ft. Dom Bucci of Alta View. This track features an in-your face guitar riff to open up with, and then the ensuing drum beat, mixed with the vocals is reminiscent of Knocked Loose, and a mix of The Amity Affliction. The instrumental talent shines through here, as, along with the vocals, it flows seamlessly throughout the song. Next, we have “Worlds Collide(When The Party is Over)” which begins with a dreamlike, macabre piano riff, then slams you in the face with a guitar/drum combo. The vocals are the most prominent here, they show a variety of metal, deathcore, and clean vocal ranges, something that is a hard feat to accomplish. Next, we have “The Clear Sky(Segue)” an all instrumental track that is dreamy, macabre, and a little bit of a reminder of classic rock all together, this is easily my favorite interlude I’ve heard in a long time. Finally, we have concluding track, “WYB(With Your Blood)” a nice closing track, which reminds me of a mix of Zebrahead and Whitechapel, which, if you listen to either of those bands, you will understand what I’m saying! All in all, this album is awesome, and it’s great for those who love post-hardcore/metalcore such as myself! But don’t just take my word for it, check out this awesome record anywhere you stream music!

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