New Banger from New Jersey!

Sentinels are a Metalcore band from NJ comprised of THOMAS CARDONE [GUITAR], CHRIS DOMBROWSKI [GUITAR], DANNY CRUZ [BASS, VOCALS], DAVE RUCKI [DRUMS, VOCALS], AND JOSH HARDIMAN [VOCALS] seem to be the most recent -core addition to ever-growing Sharptone Records artist roster. In my first contribution to 570 Press I have had the pleasure of early access to their upcoming full-length album Collapse By Design. Through a handful of listens, this is what I have gathered.

If you are looking for dissonant, chuggy polyrhythmic metalcore with tried and true mid-range vocals barking the band along, with the added joys of a drummer who truly knows how to add variety to the rhythm section look no further because Sentinals’ new album is for you. To start the album off intro track Epitaph begins with pure noise and chaotic guitar/drumming to follow building up to the harsh vocals of Josh Hardiman which culminate in a faded out yell leading to a drum fill into the next track inertia. Bringing Meshuggah riffing and progressive metalcore clean guitar over the chuggyness into the forray of the album before going all out with tremolo goodness and dissonant chords and chugs. The tone has been set for the rest of the album and track for track Sentinals have developed a truly gripping iteration of the tried and true Metalcore formula by crafting a sonic experience that flows front to back. Dare I say this is a no skip album. My personal favorite track is album closer Atlas. Front to back this is a fantastic take on modern metalcore complete with massive production values and tight playing.
Sentinels gets a solid 9/10 for me.

Stream Collapse By Design 10/22 on all major streaming platforms

*Written by TANIS PELLEGRINI for 5-7-0 Press

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