New Alt- Blues from British Artist Katie O’Malley!

Manchester, UK—
Solo blues-rock artist Katie O’Malley will release the video for her new single, “Devils Got A Hold” on October 6th, and our team was able to get a first listen! Katie’s voice fuses genres and breaks down the barrier between blues and country. Throw in some alternative undertones, and you’ve got “Devil’s Got a Hold”. As someone who appreciates all types of music, I was genuinely impressed with Katie’s work, especially the use of a standup bass, which is relatively unheard of in modern times, and the ability she has to pull an audience right in, and keep them listening. This single is part of a 3-track EP of the same name, set to be released in November 2021. Overall, I genuinely enjoyed this track and can’t wait to hear more this November from Katie!

Listen here: Katie O’Malley – Devil’s Got a Hold ( Official Release)

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