My New Favorite Company

We have a lot of great local talent, as we all know. At 570 Press, we’ve covered a great deal of this local talent. From rap to hard rock to folk rock to death metal, but since I’ve been writing for 570 Press, I haven’t yet had an indie-rock/alt-rock submission come across my desk, until now. The Casket Company, have you heard of them? They’re fucking awesome. Their Live album (you can stream it on Spotify) is just *Italian chef finger kissing sound*.

The first song on this album, “Red, Then White” is so reminiscent of Local Natives in the instrumentals (if you haven’t heard “Mt. Washington” by them and you need a good cry, that’s the one) I love it. I expected the rest of the album to be like this, but the next few songs proved me wrong, which as you guys know by now, I can’t stand predictability, so that was a nice surprise! The second and third songs on the album, “Or, Life in the Woods” and “The Setup”, is much more of the 90’s alt-rock vibe (my all time fav) and then “Hostage” is still very alt-rock, but more early-mid 2000’s style. But wait, it gets better.

The next song in the queue is “Tree” and it’s still got some definite alt-rock to it, but it’s way heavier with the 80’s vibes (The Cure and BOC-esque) and I looooove it. That mixture is fan-fucking-tastic. More of that please! Following “Tree” is “Thirteen” and this song, the opening, immediately reminds me of Nirvana, but holds it’s own unique sound and melodies. Finally, “Fever & Them” is a more fast paced hard-rock style song, but still holds that Nirvana sound too.

This Live album is such a healthy mix of some of my favorite genres and sub-genres, I can’t get over it. That and what a kickass name, The Casket Company, as a spooky gal, I very much appreciate that. I think the band has a ton of potential, but I will knock my rating down from 5 stars to 4 for the simple (and personal) fact that I don’t like live albums. I honestly never saw the point. To me, live albums don’t showcase the band well. The sound is always off just a bit, the vocals aren’t as clear as they could be on your normal studio album, and the crowd cheering is annoying (to me). Again, this is just my own opinion, I’ve always said I can’t stand live albums and I don’t ever want to listen to them (not even the Rolling Stones one I used to have), but I can totally get passed that bias here and tell you that The Casket Company is kickass as fuck and you NEED to go listen to them, right now. No really, like now.

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