Math Metal Composer “The Conduit” Releases New Single

All the way from Orlando, FL, the solo artist “The Conduit” by Jeff Bobbin rips right into the math metal genre with the heavy banger “Tripcode”. Lyrically, the song is about being true to yourself despite cultural influence. “It’s for people who feel alone because all their interactions feel the same and new ideas start to seem cliché if that makes sense,” explains Bobbin. “While writing it I had this strange feeling that I didn’t want people to infect me with their murky energy and negative thoughts, which I know is silly and I’m at risk of maybe sounding pretentious or elitist. I love people mostly, but lately, it seems like my hometown is isolated and closed off, everyone just speaks the same idea to not risk being a pariah and it feels like there’s no real connection, which ironically this song might inspire just that. No connection. It was more intended to elicit a sense of individualism. “

I honestly feel a strong attraction to this song. It reminds me of back when I was really big into Chiodos and fell in love with them as soon as I heard the song “No Hardcore Dancing In The Living Room”. The Conduit is giving me those same feelings and it is just exciting to feel the same way about The Conduit.

I absolutely cannot wait to hear more upcoming music from this project and be sure to check out the song below!

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