Less Than None delivers top-tier track in “Aware”

Less Than None just released their newest single, “Aware”, off their album, which will be released this summer. Our team got a listen, and we love it!
“Aware” begins with a mix of a killer drum beat, over a nostalgic, 00s pop-punk sounding guitar riff, as soon as the vocals kicked in, I had to check my calendar to see what year it was… in a good way. Reminiscent of early A Skylit Drive, 30 Seconds to Mars, and most pop-punk/metalcore from the 00s era, it is a track that pulls you right in, and leaves you begging for me. As someone who grew up around that genre (thanks to my parents and my older brother), it instantly takes me back to those fun, free-spirited, carefree, childhood days. From the instrumentation, all the way down to the clean and unclean vocals, this track in itself is going to make you “Aware”, that it will become an instant favorite. The way everything flows together to sound similar to a genre we all know and love, while independently being it’s own unit, filled with killer riffs, powerful vocals, the right amount of uncleans, and a earth-stomping drum beat, makes this a unique listen all the way around. Less Than None is now in my top-5 rotation, don’t believe me? Check this track out for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

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