Kickass tracks? Check.

“Alexa, play Overlord by Jordan Sartor” I say as the riff kicks in. Whoa. Okay. Now you’ve got my attention. I was instantly teleported back in time to when all I listened to was metalcore. Throughout this song, you can hear Jordan’s many influences, which include R&B, rock, metal, hip-hop, etc. As a solo artist, let me tell you, he NAILS this track. From the instrumental track, to Knocked Loose-esque unclean vocals, and powerful clean vocals, you can hear his talent shine through. This song is nostalgic, gritty, powerful, and reminiscent of the metalcore that we all grew up listening to in our teenage angst days(Hey, we all had them, haha). In addition to Overlord, the next track is Inachukia, which starts off with another killer, catchy riff, and Knocked Loose mixed with early Asking Alexandria uncleans, the perfect combo in my honest opinion. Again, his impressive clean vocals shine through on this track as well. However, the vocals seem to be much louder than the instrumentals on certain parts of this track. This is only really noticeable on the clean vocals, but it definitely does not take away from the quality of the song nor the obvious talent. The lyrics are catchy, the riffs and breakdowns make you want to throw a chair through a window(in a good way!), and the vocals tie it all together to create one kick-ass-and-take-names track! I can’t stop listening to either of these tracks, but why take my word for it? Check out Jordan’s work now!!

Instagram: @jordansartorofficial


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