Italian Death Metal Hiss From The Moat Releases New Album

Hiss From The Moat released their third album, The Way Out Of Hell, on October 28th via Distortion Music Group. Hiss From The Moat is an Italian death metal band formed in 2006 by James Payne (ex-Hour Of Penance and ex-Vital Remains), Carlo Cremascoli (ex-Tasters), Giacomo Poli, and Max Cirelli (joining in 2016). Since its conception, the band is now located between the United States, the UK, and Italy. The band started out defining its sound before recording an EP titled “The Carved Flesh Message” which captured the band’s aim of combining elements of both death and black metal. Soon after, Hiss From The Moat was performing alongside high-profile death metal acts such as Psycroptic, Skeletonwitch, and The Black Dahlia Murder at festivals across Europe.

First off, the band is super sick and rips hard! The one thing I love about this band is that even though they are a death metal band, they are oozing with old deathcore vibes which I for one never get tired of hearing. Hiss From The Moat really brings me back to when first started listening to the genre back when I first experienced The Black Dahlia Murder on MTV. That is when I dove head first into the genre heavily and it shaped me into the person I am today. One of my favorite tracks on this album is “Staring At The Abyss”, there is so many blast beats my neck is in pain from headbanging.

Make sure to check out “The Way Out Of Hell” everywhere you can stream music, however, you can check out the music video for “The Killing Of Innocence” below!

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