In the Rough: Lords of Salem’s New Lyric Video

Check it grindhouse horror fans, Lords of Salem have just recently released their official lyric video for their song “Zombie Monkey Woman”! The video and the lyrics definitely have that grindhouse vibe and paint a clear picture of the horror story they’re telling with this song. As a writer, I definitely appreciate a creator’s ability to paint a picture with words alone.

The vocals and the sound were pretty good and you can tell that the band is definitely going for a heavy Rob Zombie feel. However, I will note that I found some of the lyrics to be on the cheesy side as well as the how the lyrics were displayed in the video (some words popping up last minute for emphasis, but it came off a little too hard, making it feel a bit cheesy). I did like the imagery in the lyric video, but a great deal of it was repeated and after a while it just became too repetitive. It would have been nice to see some shots and clips they took themselves that go with the story, that little personal touch would have gone a long way.

All that being said, I think that Lords of Salem do have a hefty amount of potential, but it would seem that to unlock it, they need to show more of their own unique flavor. As I said, that little bit of genuine personal touch can take art to the next level. Check out the video for yourself and see what Lords of Salem have to offer in this new work of theirs!

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