Here’s the biz on Karkizz

Karkizz just released their EP, “Abstract Artillery” and we are HERE for it. In the opening track, Brace for Impact, we are introduced to the unique horrorcore rap/ death metal sound that this band displays. Brace for Impact starts off very gingerly/vibey, and the sound blends together with the lyrics evenly, telling an interesting story throughout the track. However, the mix of the rap and unclean screams seems to be a little out of whack. For example, you can hardly hear the uncleans unless you really listen, but this is made up for in the next track, The Void, which starts off with a killer guitar riff to open the song. The rap vocal mixed with the metal screams are a little bit easier to hear in this track, and seem to flow together a little more easier. The next track goes into Green to Grey, featuring Seethe. The beginning of this song, as with the rest of the album, is very reminiscent of the early sound of Fronz from Attila(in a good way!). The same even type of flow that is prominent in Attila’s early work appears here, and leaves the story interpretation up to the listener, as with the rest of the album.
Next, we have Uncharted, which, was easily my favorite song on this EP! The guitar riff is spooky but clean, along with the vocals, which again flow together almost seemlessly when mixed with one another. Again, though, the rap vocals seem to be louder than the unclean vocals, but even so, this slight flaw does not take away from the kickassery of this track, which will easily be on repeat for me!
Abstract Artillery closes out this banger of an album, and boy, does it go out with a bang! Here, we again hear the vocal/instrumental badass combo, as well as the even blend of the rap/metal vocals. The lyrics mixed with this really seal the deal and tie up any loose ends for the EP.
All in all, I think my inability to hear the vocals in some tracks could be attributed to my WiFi speaker, which fluctuates in sound volume each time the WiFi goes wonky (with the wind, it’s been pretty often!) and not anything that the band/engineer did wrong at all! This EP pulled me in from the start and gave me the same nostalgia that I got from my once favorite bands in high school, as Karkizz reminded me so much of them. I’ll be recommending this one to a friend, and waiting to hear more from these badass dudes.

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