Heavy Tunes From Atpharkfall!

From Samara, Russia comes the upcoming melodic metal band Atpharkfall, and let me tell you this is the band to check out now! This band is seriously sick and out of all the reviews I have done so far, I would have to rank this in the top 5 already! 

I really love that this band sounds similar to Candlemass and System Of A Down. If you’re a fan of any of these bands, then you will definitely love these guys! I have listened to their single and EP they put out on their Bandcamp and one of my favorite songs would definitely be Black Water. I am in love with how heavy and riffy this song is, the vocals on it blend so well too! 

Go check out this amazing band, you will not regret this one! You can check out the song Black Water as well as their other songs below!


-Written by: Ray Meoni

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