Heavy Track from Fatal Misconception

 2021 already got you stressed? Then release some of that frustration with some bedroom moshing with this hard track by Fatal Misconception! Just don’t spin kick into your desk lamp, I kinda need to go buy a new lamp now.

The first few seconds of this track I feel I have been taken back in time to a 2009 deathcore show. I had to look back at what I was listening to because at first, I thought this was an Oceano or an I Declare War song. This song hits you full blast with a short breakdown and then right into a nice little two-step to pick your feet up. Then as you approach the end of the song, you get a full-on breakdown that will wanna make you spin kick into everything that is in your way. Personally, at around this point in the song, I felt it could have used a pig squeal; but then again I’m obsessed with Job For A Cowboy and Waking The Cadaver, so I love a good pig squeal before a breakdown. 

Overall a very good song! I can’t wait to see what else these guys have in store for 2021, go check it out and when shows come back I will see you in the pit for Fatal Misconception!  

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