Heavy Metal Mystery Flavor: A Review of Tallah’s New Album

Okay, so my car is a 2005, meaning that it is in the weird limbo of being made after cassette tapes were replaced by CDs and aux cables and BlueTooth weren’t around yet. This leaves me with two listening options when I’m driving: CD or Radio. But, luckily, my phone has a decent speaker on it, so I’ll often jack up the volume and sit that puppy the cup holder next to my quickly melting iced matcha latte. It works out pretty damn well, but for listening to Tallah’s new album, Matriphagy (when offspring eat their mother) I’d wish I could have listened to it through my car’s speakers.

As you guys know by now, I am not a fan of super heavy metal or death metal. The hardest I like to get is Slipknot. However, Tallah surprised me with this album. They may or may not be the first to take their genre in the direction they have (I don’t know, because I don’t normally listen to this genre), but it is really good. With Matriphagy the band has produced a collection of songs that are each individually their own in sound and did so by incorporating techniques and musical elements not usually seen in this genre.

Throughout the album, I was surprised to hear bits that reminded me of 90’s hip hop, early 2000’s alternative rock, and 80’s arcade game music. In their song “Placenta”, there is a guitar solo that is seriously straight out of some 80’s arcade game where you’re fighting the final boss and you just engaged your power-up to kick that roided out robot’s ass.

If I had to describe Matriphagy as a wine it would be a hearty base of heavy Slipknot with undertones of Cypress Hill, touches of Chester Bennington-esque vocals, and a hint of classic 80’s metal – best served alongside the heart of your enemies. This concoction Tallah has put together is really good and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even like this genre.

But hell, don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourselves:

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