German Metal Band Rises!

German alternative metal band Lantlos will be releasing their fifth record Wildhund which in English translates to Wild Dog on July 30th and this is definitely an album worth checking out!

This band has so many great songs on this record and if you are not familiar with the band, they’re a two-piece formed in 2005. They started as a post-black metal band and turned into a metal/shoegaze band, honestly just in the drums themselves I hear so much of the black metal start in them. I would love to hear more of that black metal sound push through the cracks than it already does, but that is because I do love some black metal from time to time.

This band absolutely rips! Go check out their album on July 3oth and if they tour into NEPA, definitely be sure to see me at that show!

-Written by: Ray Meoni

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