Genuine Track from Dawns Divide!

Dawns Divide just released their new song, Genuine, and our team got an exclusive first listen! The track begins with eerie, omniscient bass lines and a distant voice speaking inaudibly, which reminds me of old Metallica/psychedelic rock songs. After about a minute in, the vocals begin, but not before a killer guitar riff, that is reminiscent of one of my favorite genres, classic rock. The vocals begin lightly, flowing with the music seamlessly. The lyrics tell a story of wanting to be friends with someone genuinely, and letting them know they are never alone. As the song progresses, the vocals get harder and more aggressive, which I love, and I think adds to the overall vibe even more. All in all, this track reminds me so much of all the genres I grew up with, and fuses them together seamlessly, and perfectly. This track is rad as hell, and I guarantee you will love it! Don’t believe me? Check it out now, I promise you will be glad you did!

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