“From the Muddy Banks of Seattle Comes a new Track from College Radio!”

Seattle based band College Radio just dropped their new track, “Growing Pains”. Now to be honest, I LOVE the Seattle music scene, and was super stoked for this to come across my desk. The track starts off very in-your-face, with a catchy, pop-punk sounding guitar riff. Then the vocals kick in, and it is any pop punk kid’s dream! The vocals are reminiscent of All Time Low, mixed with some Taking Back Sunday. Gordon’s vocals, combined with the obvious musical talent of Taylor(guitar), Evan(bass/vocals) and Mike (drums) are unmatched, and the chemistry of the band members is clear throughout the track as well. Additionally, the bands major influences are clear throughout! As someone who grew up on Grunge, pop punk, skate punk and all of the Seattle heavyweights, I can honestly say this became an instant favorite, and has the potential to be the next big thing! This song is the PERFECT summertime track for the beach, driving, skating, exploring, whatever!
Check out College Radio, available on all major platforms!

Tickets to their May 8th show with Nick Smith and Always Naked: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/college-radio-with-always-naked-and-nick-smith-live-tickets-150959322397

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