Florida Metal Back On Top

Orlando, Florida metal band Fabricate has just dropped their new album “Welcome Home” and it’s honestly such a sick album!

Finally, there is a band that caught my attention within the first ten seconds of listening to one of their songs and it is on this album right here! Their heavy ass slams are got me hooked immediately and it makes me want to get back out of mosh retirement for about five seconds because I’m old now, by old I mean 25. I hear a lot of influences throughout this album, mainly from Lamb Of God, but I also hear some from early Florida death metal bands like Morbid Angel and Death. The standout song for me is definitely Cicada, it is just a very tight heavy song!

Go check out “Welcome Home” on Spotify and you can also check out Cicada below! Florida is back on top!

– Written by: Ray Meoni


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