Exclusive Questions with Betty Moon!

Solid music. Solid lyrics. One person. Betty Moon is a Los Angeles based rock/indie/electronic musician! Her unique genre made her a star in Canada when she was formerly on a major label. She has been active in the music scene for well over two decades, and our team was honored to have been able to chat with her via email correspondence. The following are questions asked by our team and answered by Betty Moon!

1.) Introduction to your band(who you all are, roles in the band)
While I’m surrounded by some incredible musicians as friends and those who help me in the studio, Betty Moon as a project is just me. IOver the years I have had a pretty consistent lineup for live shows and recording albums in-studio, though.

2.) How you became a band/musician?
When I was in my teens I had a band called Bambi up in Toronto that did really well across the country. It started with hard work, a little luck and just being consistent with playing shows. Because that worked out for the band, it led to me getting a solo deal with a major label at a young age. I took that path moving forward and have carved out a nice niche for myself in the music industry.

3.) In terms of your band name, how did you come with it? Does it have a significant meaning?
I don’t really remember the moment it struck, but I liked the combination of a traditional name with something more mysterious as the last. I have used the stage name Betty Moon ever since, and even some of my closest friends call me Betty because it’s just who I am. I think it’s important because it’s become such a huge part of my identity since I was just out of high school.

4.) You just recently released Cosmicoma— what was the songwriting process like for that album? How long did it take to complete?
I took a lot of early 2020 to put this album together. Once I realized the pandemic was going to keep us off stage and at home for a while, I got into gear writing and ideating what would become this newest effort. Thankfully I can focus and knock out music without much issue, so having that extra time in the studio and not doing much traveling was helpful. I figured I’d make the best of 2020, I spent time on my acoustic, piano and in the studio daily until the whole thing was done. I’d say 6 months of effort, at the least.

5.) Can you give us the backstory on your new single?
Prior to writing the lyrics for “My Only One” and other songs on the album, I was doing a lot of writing for a book I’m working on. It really had me thinking about past relationships, weird encounters and of course wild adventures around Hollywood and LA. Man I swear some of the people I’ve met or dated are out of this world, and this song is about those people who think the world revolves around them. They think they have something to offer that is so rare, that they can only provide it and nobody else can. 

6.) What is your current songwriting process like? Does it differ from the process from previously?
Not really, the process on most of my albums start with riffs I come up with on acoustic, piano or in the studio. Thankfully I’m good at saving ideas, and fleshing them out by myself or with my friends who are some of the best studio musicians you’ll meet. I keep track of progress for each song, and make sure to revisit the ideas often to get them to 100% without letting too much time go by. I also try my best not to overthink it, so the songs actually get done.

7.) Individually, what was the turning point that made you decide you wanted to become a full-time musician?
I was courted by major labels when I was younger and they had a strong interest in what I was doing with my previous band. I knew I wanted to do music and be a rockstar, but this cemented the idea that I’m doing something right. I haven’t looked back since.

8.) How has the pandemic affected you as an artist? Has it made you stronger, more inspired, or the same as you always were? 
I just remember it being a shock at first, but then I got used to what was going on and focused on being creative. It made me stronger for sure, and more grateful to be able to write music and put my voice into the world to be heard. I don’t tour or play a ton of live shows these days, so that part of the pandemic didn’t hit me as hard.

9.) Let’s talk a little bit about new music, if you can, can you tell us if you are working on anything new? 
Absolutely, I’m already multiple songs into the next album and like to release at least one EP or LP a year if possible. I also have some creative content in works for Cosmicoma, including music videos and more. 

10.) If you could play any venue, anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why? 
The Forum would be killer, not only is it close to me but it’s one of the most iconic music venues ever. I would of course be supporting a favorite act, playing right when most of the crowd is there, getting them pumped up and introducing a new generation of fans to Betty Moon.

11.) If you could book your dream tour, with Betty Moon included, who would you also have on that tour? 
How about Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains and Betty Moon? That sounds like it would sell out in 5 mins, or maybe less. 

12.) Do you think that the experiences of the past year had any impact on writing Cosmicoma?
I think being at home a bit more and being in the studio more often made me reflect on my work as a writer and life as a whole. The source material was rooted in past experiences, especially since I wasn’t getting out as much to travel etc. If anything, staying creative and writing the album helped me not focus on what a weird year 2020 was.

13.) Do you think that your unique genre sets you apart from other bands who may have a similar sound? Who are some artists/bands that influenced this sound? 
I honestly believe my voice is what sets me apart. I’ve jumped into different genres of music and have put my stamp on each one, and even blended them together. I’ve been influenced by so many bands and artists across different genres that I can’t even keep track.

14.) What track of yours means a lot to you? Why? 
“Where My Heart Is” takes me back to the 90’s when rock n’ roll was king and had some of the best artists I admired ruling the world. The song means a lot to me for many reasons, it has a story, a bit of nostalgia and a vibe I was looking to create that rock fans will surely appreciate. 

15.) What can we expect from you guys in the future once life returns to normal? I.E.- shows, tours, music, etc.
I’m currently working on new content for Cosmicoma (videos etc) and writing more music to include in future releases. I’ve really stuck to making music at this point and perhaps there might be a show or two in the future as well. 

*Questions written by Alonna Weaver for 570 Press

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