Exclusive Interview with LowFlyingHawks

Thanks to our friends in Secret Service PR, Ray was able to have the opportunity to interview critically acclaimed Doomgaze band “Lowflyinghawks” about their new record, “Fuyu” or “winter” in Japanese! Here is what they had to say!

How did the band first connect for this project? 
We’ve been playing music, various styles of music for a while now, over 30 years to be precise, so around 2014 we got together with the intention of starting a new band and voila low flying hawks was born

How did Trevor Dunn and Dale Crover get involved with LowFlyingHawks? 
As i said before we’ve been playing music for a while now and they were both up to it so it happened, we love Dale and Trevor, we couldn’t think of a better rhythm section

What influenced you to start a dommgaze band? 
We’ve always been into heavy music and we love really slow spacey gloomy rock so when we set out to figure out what we were going to do with this project we both had the idea of doing something slow and heavy but with a dreamy shoegazey feel and then thought, wait this has never been done before, so we set out to do it and did 

How does having experience with multiple instruments influence your writing process? 
It helps a lot, it opens lots of doors, plus helps you accomplish exactly what you want in many levels, you get an idea of how you want to sound, what you want to do, then when you sit down to write you need all the tools you can get to better express what it is that you have in your mind

To EHA and AAL, how does LowFlyingHawks compare technically to other past musical endeavors? 
Very different from what we’ve done before, but thats exactly what we were aiming for, we really had a very clear idea of what we wanted to accomplish this time around.

What is connection using a Greek mythology and using Japanese names for the album titles?
Theres no connection at all, we just love both and thought it was cool idea. Japanese language has very precise words for very specific ideas and we love the Japanese aesthetic, but theres no specific connection at all.


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