“Euphobia” Brings Euphoric Vibes!

Sumner Park plans to release their new album, “Euphobia”, next week, and we got to have a first listen!
This album has been very much anticipated, and upon announcement, was very well received. “Euphobia”, which in itself, is defined as the fear of good news, speaks on a variety of heavy topics, such as depression, phobias, feeling stuck within ones own hometown, etc. The lead-off single, “Euphobia”, was released this past December, following the release of album, “Never Going Home” in 2021. The other lead-off single, “Normandy”, was released as part of 2019’s release, “Safe at Home”. Upon first coming onto my radar in late 2019, something that has always drawn me into Sumner Park is not only their originality, but their unique, genre-bending sound. Euphobia is no different in this instance. In terms of this, the band is able to seamlessly flow the vocals with the instruments throughout. The blending, and time-perfect sound that flows throughout is unmatched. The album in itself is very nostalgic and reminiscent of 00s pop punk, with a twinge of grunge mixed in to the equation, an emo kid’s dream. The album, while describing what you are going through, releases a sense of euphoria, with its upbeat nature, and kick-in-the-teeth lyrics, making the listener feel less alone in this world. All in all, this album, from lyrics, to performance, is a banger inside and out, and we cannot wait for more from Sumner Park!

Check it out, releasing EVERYWHERE on February 12th!

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