Don’t panic…it’s a GREAT album

I had the pleasure of reviewing “See Through it All” by Don’t Panic. As someone who grew up on classic rock, and pop punk, the opening riff of the album, starting with track “Alicia” is very reminiscent of those songs I grew up loving. It gives me a lot of Foo Fighters mixed with The Outfield vibes. The combination of these two artists is very obvious throughout the title track. It then goes into Fall of ‘99, which reminds me a lot of Billy Talent, and the likes of Bowling for Soup, with the beginning “oh-woah”’s reminding me of the track “High School Never Ends” by BFS. Then we have No Time for Second Chances, which is personally my favorite on this entire album. The catchy riffs mixed with a catchy, semi-rhyming lyrical construction, makes this song continue to get stuck in my head, and I’m not even mad about it. Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing starts off with a more melancholy sound in the very beginning, and then kicks you in the face with a killer kick-drum, which keeps you automatically wanting to continue listening. The Fix, my next favorite track on the album, again reminds me of the bands I grew up listening to. A killer bassline, a catchy guitar riff, and very strong vocals throughout, make this song radio-ready and is sure to be a hit! Keystone Story(which, was co-written by Jarret Reddick of Bowling for Soup) is next, and I would assume the title is paying homage to the bands home-state of Pennsylvania, unless they mean the beer, in which case, either is acceptable! This track delivers you with a more mellow approach again, while still providing that kickass punk-rock melody and musical content. Regret is a Terrible Roommate, features a catchy chorus line, and, as with the rest of the album, relatable lyrics. Musically, I do wish the guitar riff was slightly stronger, as the bass seems to overpower the guitar through the song, until it get to the bridge, which is absolutely perfect! Next, we have Life of the Funeral, which, dude, what a kickass title, and a kickass song. This song starts off heavier from the rest, and as soon as those vocals kick in— tied together, signed,sealed, delivered, another favorite and definitely another possible hit! Paper Smile then again delivers that light, dreamy melancholy intro, but this time it stays that way throughout. I am a sucker for sappy sounding songs, I’ll be the first to admit that. But this was way different, like nothing I’d heard before. The lyricism, mixed with the melody, and killer vocals again, make it easy for me to instantly love this song. It reminds me a lot of “The Early November” mixed with Anberlin, who again, are some of my favorite bands. A Change of Pace, easily the saddest song lyrically on this album, in my personal opinion. I am someone who analyzes lyrics, as to further connect myself to the music, and the lyrics to this, make me feel connected to the song in a very special way. The small guitar solo is dreamy, dramatic, and everything a music lover could ask for. The album then finishes with Let it Ride, which honestly tied with No Time for Second Chances for the position of my favorite track, catchy lyrics, a killer bassline, sensational drums. Absolutely perfect.
Track by track, from the beginning to end, this album is probably easily one of the best albums I have heard this year. From the music, to the lyrics, to the vocals, I guarantee you, this album is guaranteed to be a hit. You can see the strong musical influences of the band throughout, and it makes the perfect combination of happy, sad, melancholy, angry, and everything in between, every 20-somethings dream album. This album describes through both the music and the lyrics what it’s like to be an adult in this world. I can safely say that “See Through It All” will be on repeat for me for at least the next 3 months, and I am definitely, truly, a fan of Don’t Panic.

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