Don’t Fear the Reaper…or do

This year, things are a tad different at Reaper’s Revenge. As soon as you pull into the parking lot, you are immediately asked to roll down your windows, and your temperature is taken on the back of your wrist as a pre-screening to make sure every person who walks through the gate is safe and healthy. From there, you are escorted to the top of the hill, where you and your group are asked to sign your waiver, and then asked to wait to be allowed into the actual attraction. You are then allowed onto the grounds, where there are concession stands with food, drinks, and even a nice, cozy campfire to sit by while you wait to get in line.

The hayride features thirty minutes of spooks and kooks through the dark woods! As a horror fanatic myself I was excited to see Jason Voorhees, the Ring characters, Freddie Krueger, and Michael Myers, among others! From there, you are escorted into the The Lost Carnival, walk-through attraction. In all honesty, Lost Carnival is usually my favorite attraction, however, I was relatively disappointed this year. The only reason? NOT ENOUGH CLOWNS! cue Frank Sinatra’s “Send in the Clowns” I know that due to the pandemic, Reapers is very limited on the amount of staff that they can have working all at one time, however, it just wasn’t the same without all the clowns this year. All in all, however, I did enjoy the overall atmosphere of Lost Carnival. Great job by the actors!

Also due to the pandemic, the other two attractions, Sector 13, which features a post apocalyptic world, with zombies and other things, could not open this year. Pitch Black, the maze in the complete and total darkness, was also closed to be able to maintain social distancing.

New this year was the new attraction, “Delirium”, a psychedelic horror trip straight out of a Rob Zombie movie. Strobe lights, neon paint, monsters and ghouls, blinding glasses(don’t worry, they are sanitized after each use), and so much more. You begin by rolling a die, and being asked “Odds or Evens” but you aren’t really told what happens if you roll an even and you pick even. From there, you step into the literal Twilight Zone. There is so much to look at when in this attraction, but it does stand true to its name, as when you take off your glasses and return to the real world, you feel like you are in a delirious state of mind.

In light of the pandemic, I do truly think that Reaper’s Revenge did their best to still bring spooky fun to the area this year. I enjoyed it, and will continue to enjoy the spooky delights at Reaper’s for many years to come, as it is always worth the hour and ten minute drive for me! My only request? MORE CLOWNS!!

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