Dèjá vù-a feeling of already having experienced the present situation

I put in my headphones, turned them on full volume, I wasn’t sure what I was going to hear, but man, was I blown away!
Erin Incoherent’s new album Dejavu is something that is almost like its from another world. The album starts off with title track “Deja Vu” which perfectly blends light music with Erin’s unique vocals. A voice that reminds me much of my days in musical theatre. You can’t describe it, and you’ll probably never hear anything like it again, because it’s so unique and full of feeling. Each song off this album pulls you right in and leaves you begging for more. The album has very reminiscent 70s rock vibes to it, much like Fleetwood Mac. Erin’s voice remains strong and full of feeling throughout the album, which is exactly what makes you want to keep the album playing. Warm basslines, chill guitar, and light taps on the drum kits, coupled with light, yet striking vocals, tie this album together and make it a must-hear for 2020!
Overall, I give the album an 8/10, only because I wish it were longer!

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