Death metal band release “The Nothing” music video

Nothing- something of no importance, value, or concern.

As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, “Nothing” holds little to no value and/or importance but that isn’t the case with The Hopewell Furnace’s new music video for The Nothing.  The video is five straight minutes of brutal, slamming, death metal. Filmed in what appears to be an old mine deep in the coal region of PA, the video touches on a lot of historic topics. A huge piece of historical significance seen throughout the video is the bands utilization of burlap sacks covering their faces. Burlap sacks were placed over the heads of the Molly Maguires prior to their hangings, most of them taking place in the nearby Mauch Chunk Jail in Jim Thorpe, PA, during the late 1800s. The 1800s theme is scene from the very beginning, where we see a man dressed in the attire of the era, staring at a table with a small candelabra placed on it. Immediately after this, and in between scenes made to look like flashbacks from that time period, we see the band, deep in the caverns of a cave, performing the song. About two and a half minutes in, the video cuts to a scene of a miner discovering another miner deceased, before the music begins again. The continuous flow of the brutal death metal mixed in with some creepy music and sounds heard throughout make this a perfect combination, making the watcher and/or listener feel as though they are right there in that moment, going back in time in a sense.

The video ends at a shaky camera angle, with a closeup of the vocalist, before fading into the bands logo, leaving the audience wanting more. Immersing yourself in the video is almost like you are watching a historical documentary, and you can’t help but want to continue watching, and when it ends, you immediately want more. That is the feeling I have after watching this video. It is done very well, and has the ability to put the audience in the perspective of the miners from many years ago. We recommend you check out “The Nothing” by The Hopewell Furnace, for entertainment, a history lesson, and a captivating video. 

The Hopewell Furnace is:

AJ Fuehrer – Vocals Nikoli Giranda – Vocals Josh Gretchen – Guitar Jimmy Pino – Drums Ramon Carrillo – Bass.

Check them out on all social media outlets, and check out their video for “The Nothing” on YouTube today!

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