DCxPC Releases Live Split Between Grave Return & The Hamiltons

DCxPC Live Presents a live vinyl release split with hardcore punk bands Grave Return & The Hamiltons recorded at the Danger Room in Orlando, FL on 4/7/21. The album is limited to 150 copies, and it’s printed on opaque red vinyl. It also includes a download code for a third unreleased live track by Grave Return that is not on the album.

In the Suburbs of Orlando, FL comes punk band Grave Return, after checking out the live recording of the Rocket Summer, instantly I got heavy Descendents, and Agent Orange vibes. If you are a fan of any of these bands, then you would love Grave Return. Then on the 2nd side of the vinyl, there is a set from The Hamiltons, and let me tell you I was absolutely blown away with their song Pierced. Immediately, you get that raw, hardcore punk sound you would get from bands like Minor Threat, Youth of Today, Circle Jerks, and Black Flag.

From what I have heard on the record, these bands became a playlist add 100%. I cannot wait to see what other songs and albums they come out with! You can check out both of their spotifys with the links below!

Grave Return: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1T1NcKIKkgLaZFbkvVHZl4?si=ON2Y66EHQwyyk0ZgaQGLeg&nd=1

The Hamiltons: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2U284j5pB2PQWoqY2U1D0i

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