Beyond Metal

“You only have to review one of their songs for this review.” Alonna told me, which was fine by me because I’ve recently gotten sucked back into minecraft and am in the middle of building a huge dungeon for me and my 6 year old nephew to go through. So, I go onto Spotify and find Skies of Terra and pick “Black Crow (The Messenger)”. It’s pretty metal to start and as you guys know, I’m not super into metal. I don’t hate it, but it’s not my preference. However, Skies of Terra took me on a fucking journey.

Let me just say, I ended up listening to more than one song for this review. “Black Crow” was metal, as I said, but it wasn’t just the constant screaming metal that I’m not a fan of. No, it was well balanced with the deeper vocals and melodic vocals. It wasn’t bad, so I let Spotify keep going with Skies of Terra. It only got deliciously better.

This band works in so many sounds, so many styles, I was loving it. I listened to so many of their songs, I can’t remember which songs had which sounds, but dear god, you have got to listen to the following:

Sword (segue) – this one I remember is purely instrumental and has a The Craft vibe if you know that soundtrack.

The Great Big Yellow House in the Sky

Furious Angels

When All The Angels Have Gone (segue)

These were the ones that stood out to me and stuck with me. Holy shit do I love them and thats saying something since I’m not big into metal, but thats the thing – I don’t think you can just categorize Skies of Terra as just metal, they have so much more to offer.

Throughout their songs they use warped digital sounds that make you think cyberpunk corrupt data along with heavy metal 80’s style guitar riffs and smooth melodic vocals as well as early 2000’s although rock style vocals and instrumentals. Then you get to the segues and its just pure instrumentals that are so beautiful and almost remind me of new age meditation music, I am so in love with it.

You guys, my dudes, you need to check out Skies of Terra, for real. My mind is thoroughly blown.

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