Back to 1990 with Blacklite District!

South Dakota based rock artist, “Blacklight District” just released their new LP, “1990” and our team got an exclusive first listen! The album begins with “Gotta Get Out of Here”, which features an accompanying music video. The track begins with a trippy, in your face sounding guitar riff, followed by a powerful drumbeat. Next, we have “Clear Skies”, which is easily my favorite track on this entire album! “Clear Skies” opens with a classic rock sounding introduction, and then the vocals follow immediately after. The vocal talent is clear here, where the singer shines in both the hard rock sound, and the sound of pop punk mixed together. Next, we have “Someone was out There” which again, shows the musical and vocal talent of the band, reminiscent of late 2010s metalcore in the beginning of the track. Following this, we have heavy hitter, “This is Where it Ends”, which to me, is reminiscent of Green Day, mixed with Texas Hippie Coalition! After this, we go into “Room 23”, which is honestly my second favorite track on this album, again shining in the musical and vocal diversity and talent. Next up, we have “Back into Darkness”, which tells a lyrical story of helping someone from slipping back into the darkness they fought so hard to get out of. Next, we have “My Way Out”, which is interesting, because the very beginning riff is extremely reminiscent to the hit song “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Kix, which I absolutely love, I haven’t heard any other riff quite like those ones. Following this, we have “Confessed” another heavy hitter, with a unique sounding spin on the musical aspect! Then, we follow this up with “Preach to the Choir” which starts off with yet another- in-your-face riff, and this time, again, the vocal talent and range is again seen, as the vocals are slightly harsher(in a great way!!) on this track. And finally, last but not least, we have “Thank You”, the closing track to the LP, which has a more mellow intro and overall mellow vibe! Kyle(better known as Blacklite District)’s talent is prominently displayed in all aspects of this record, and the future is bright for Blacklite District!
All in all, I genuinely enjoyed this LP, and all the diversity that is heard throughout! You can check it out for yourself on all major platforms, dropping December 31st!!

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