Author name: Jamie Weaver

Jamie Weaver is an author of six books to date and is a columnist here at 570 Press. She loves alternative rock, jazz, horror, and sushi. To check out the books she's written, visit her website.

A Review of Caveman Logic

The Limit is a soulful Rock and Roll power group. Consisting of members of legendary Punk instigators The Stooges, the founders of Doom Rock Pentagram, legendary NYC Punk originators Testors and infamous Portugese metal band Dawnrider, On new album Caveman Logic, Bobby Liebling, singer and main-man of Pentagram, one of the originators of early Doom …

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Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice from 5-7-Zero

As someone who grew up watching Green Jelly music videos on VH1 Classic, (hey, it was the early 00s, okay?) I was super excited to have Nanticoke-area metal band “5-7-Zero”’s newly released single, “Sugar and Spice” featuring Lazy Ass Destroyer and Green Jelly, come across my desk. The song starts off with an absolute killer …

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Here’s the biz on Karkizz

Karkizz just released their EP, “Abstract Artillery” and we are HERE for it. In the opening track, Brace for Impact, we are introduced to the unique horrorcore rap/ death metal sound that this band displays. Brace for Impact starts off very gingerly/vibey, and the sound blends together with the lyrics evenly, telling an interesting story …

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