Another hole in one with “Hold Me Close”

Hazleton based duo Sequence of the Sky, just released their newest single, “Hold Me Close”. As always, I am very impressed with the musicianship. Josh DeViligi, who plays all the instruments for the project, never ceases to disappoint with his guitar playing, and seemingly effortless instrumental mixing. Venessa Viçoso’s voice adds the “80s vibe” to the song that you can hear throughout. It blends rock and pop together to make it pleasurable for those of us, such as myself, who still enjoy 80s music, as well as all genres. Venessa’s voice is very reminiscent of Madonna, Belinda Carlile, Shirley Manson, among others, which I love. You can obviously hear the musical influences of the duo throughout the whole song. In terms of audio engineering, however, I had some other opinions. While the vocals and the musical instruments are on point, the overall engineering was not what I expected it would be given the quality of the song. In a lot of the song, Venessa’s vocals are drowned out by the instruments, and some of the reverb appears too late. The mixing of the instruments fits together nicely, and perfectly in time. However, I was rather disappointed in the mixing of the vocals. I feel that if the vocals were turned up, I wouldn’t have a complaint to be heard about this song. Josh and Venessa’s obvious talent shines throughout this entire song, so overall, I was impressed by the natural raw talent! But if you don’t believe me, check our Sequence of the Sky for yourself!

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