An Early Halloween Spook from Wednesday 13

Calling all ghouls, goblins, and witches! Goth-horror punk band Wednesday 13 just released their new EP- Necrophaze-Antidote, and our team was fortunate enough to have it come across our desk!

First off, the cover of the EP is very reminiscent of 80s horror, with very strong “Re-Animator” and “Alien” vibes to it, conveying a spooky, sci-fi/horror vibe before you even get into the record! The EP begins with “Your Mother Still Sucks Cock in Hell” a kickass track that embodies that familiar Wednesday 13 sound that us horror-punk fans recognize! From the opening riff, to the fast, eerie vocals, and the drumbeat, everything about this track just punches you right in the face, demanding you to listen to the rest of the EP. The next track, “Screwdriver 2- The Return” has a very repetitive beat, and the chant of “Screwdriver! Screwdriver!” repeated in the chorus. This track became an instant favorite of mine, as I could honestly see, as a huge horror movie fan, this track ending up in the chase scene of a gritty slasher film! Next, we have “Devil Inside” a killer middle track for a killer EP. The horror-esque vocals kick in after a killer guitar/drum riff, telling a story of mayhem and horror, the lyrics “Makes you wonder…” does exactly just that, makes you wonder why there aren’t more tracks on this record! Finally, the closing track is “Films” featuring Calico Cooper. The trippy, alien like sound effects leading into a gritty drum track pulls you right in, like a ghoulish monster pulls in its prey. The vocals and music blend together and again, sounds like something straight out of an 80s horror film. The duality of the heavy rock instrumentation mixed with Wednesday’s powerful, eerie vocals makes me wish that there were more tracks on this EP! For now, I will retire to my chamber, hole up with classic horror movies, and wait to hear the next Wednesday 13 track in a horror movie. Until then, check out the new EP, “Necrophaze- Antidote”, out everywhere April 16th!

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