A Thread to the Past

Mediocre Gatsby just recently released their latest EP Quarantina and it is such a time machine. They melodies and vocals have similar threads to John Cougar Mellencamp and a bit of Springsteen too. I feel like this album is what you’d listen to on the way to an outdoor show or a festival, ironic given the title of the EP.

If you’re a fan of Counting Crows, then I think you would love Quarantina. The whole album has that feel and that sound to it. That being said, I can’t stand Counting Crows, but that’s just me. Additionally, the production integrity isn’t all there on this EP, it gets really quiet in parts, and some sections sound muffled. I think if the band could find a way to up the production quality, then they could shine more.

All that being said, it’s not a bad EP and you should definitely check it out for yourself!

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