A Solo Set at The Wabash

This past Sunday it was, as usual, stupid hot outside. I had just come back into town from spending the weekend right outside of Gettysburg and I was hella road tired. Small pee-pee trucks riding my ass, four different speed traps, and three stalled vehicles on the side of the road; I was so ready to relax.

On my way home I met up with my Spooky Bitch Squad, the other two members of 570 Press (Alonna Weaver and Jordyn Diana), at The Wabash in Tamaqua for a cold beer and some live music. I so needed the break and, even in the heat, I enjoyed the beer and the music.

A few weeks prior, I’d been at The Wabash and had seen Dakota Sean (frontman for Another Day Dawns) play and really enjoyed it, so I was happy to find him playing there again on Sunday. He played acoustic the whole time which was perfect for a summer Sunday afternoon when you’re just chillin with a great group of people or some good friends. While the majority of songs he played were the same ones he’d played the time before, it was still enjoyable and ended with a very nice cover of Skynrd’s “Simple Man”.

Dakota definitely has talent and I can absolutely see him going places so long as he sticks with it. Be sure to check him out as well as his band, Another Day Dawns, on FB to keep up to date on when and where they’ll be playing next.

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