A Hip Hop Throwback

NEPA’s own “Maine the Medicine” has collaborated with local guitarist, “Duds” to bring us a new album, “Blood on my Hands”. “Duds”, real name Michael McDonald, is a solo guitarist who formerly played with popular Scranton based band, “E57” before embarking on a solo career. I first heard of Maine the Medicine when he collaborated with local R&B artist, TySoul, on an album appropriately titled “Medicine for the Soul”. From the beginning of the album, you have a relaxing, piano-esque intro, titled “The Beginning”. From there, this track goes into “At The Club with Duds”, “Missed Call Skit”, “Blood on My Hands”, “Dream Walker”, “Bloodbath”, “Split”, “Last Hoorah”, “No Answer Skit”, & “Last Session”
As the album went on, I was more and more impressed by Maine’s flow and perfect mix with the beat. Maine’s voice and flow is reminiscent of Rick Ross, Notorious BIG, Nas, among others. It’s clear to see who Maine is clearly influenced by. The guest appearance by Duds throughout the entire project breathed a whole new perspective into the album. Taking both the rock and hip hop genres and blending them together has always been something I’ve appreciated and enjoyed, but to be able to do that seamless and flawlessly is a feat that many struggle to obtain. However, Maine & Duds clearly have a clear understanding and respect for both genres as the mix of both flows perfectly and naturally throughout the record. A huge feat, and an amazing concept. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this album, from start to finish, it is powerful, riveting, interesting, thought provoking, and very reminiscent of the type of hip hop music I grew up listening to. Check out “Blood on My Hands” by Maine the Medicine & Duds today!

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