A Hell of a Hit: Coasting on Potential’s new single

You rock and metalcore fans need to be excited, because Coasting on Potential just released their new single “In Misery”. This song impressed me on multiple levels from the very start. First, you have this beautiful, haunting melody which the song opens with. I personally LOVE those beautifully macabre bits in songs, they hit you deep and can give you chills (for me, “Rusted Wheel” by Silversun Pickups is a big one). But then, with “In Misery”, you get this sudden juxtaposition into the heavy instrumentals and it is really, really good, very slipknot-esque.

The vocals are beautiful and the lyrics (the sweet spot for me with any song and any artist) are excellent. The lyrics are relatable, personal, which shows a very personal part of the band. That personal piece is so important when it comes to an artist (of any kind) connecting with their audience. Making a good sounding song is a feat in itself, but to create a personal connection is the soul of any work of art. If you can make that connection, then you’ve taken your work to the next level and Coasting on Potential nailed it.

As if that’s not awesome enough, the band has also released a great music video with a fantastic message. You can watch the video here.

I highly recommend “In Misery” and I am looking forward to seeing what else the band has in store for us.

We at 570 Press are hoping to set up a podcast interview with the band very soon, so keep an eye out for that!

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