A Dawn of Classic Sounds

Dawns Divide recently released their self titled album, and 5-7-0 Press was honored to get an exclusive!
From the crunchy bassline for the entire album intro, which is the song “Dirty Mind”. From that alone, this album is sure to be a favorite among rock and metal fans alike. As soon as the vocals kick in, you are instantly transported back in time. I respect the vocalist tremendously for his extensive vocal range throughout the entire album. His voice blends Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Led Zeppelin all together to create a unique twist.
Naturally, I am a huge fan of rock, metal, and classic rock/ metal, so when this landed on my desk, I was pleasantly surprised and very much impressed. From the musicianship, to the various vocal ranges, to the mixing and mastering, through-and-through, Dawns Divide is a must hear band for fans of all genres!

FFO: Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Metallica, Slaughter, Led Zeppelin.

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