A Change in Nuance

This Saturday, Brett Barkhouse will be releasing his new single, “What I Want”. For this single, Brett has done the vocals, played bass, played guitar, and programmed the drums himself. With help from friend John Fraser Longley to mix and master the track, Brett has put together a great end product.

With a sound that takes me back to 90’s and early 2000’s rock and some pop punk vibes, this single will not disappoint. The lyrics are good and clear with nice flow, the instrumentals also flow very well, but more than that, Brett breaks away from the usual formula of this genre just a tad, just enough so it’s not too predictable, but also has that similar sound to early 2000’s rock that we all love. The usual formula we see in these kinds of songs that start off with slow, calmer melodies is that they continue on that way and then there’s-boom!- a heavy drop of instrumentals. This works great for a lot of songs, but it can be kinda predictable. Brett does this, but in a different way which is a nice change. The heavy drop isn’t very heavy, it’s more like a stronger version of the previous melody, so everything is still flowing in tandem. It’s like a river that’s been flowing pleasantly and then you hit a faster current, but it’s not overwhelming, because maybe today you want that instead of your usual harder whitewater rafting excursion.

Anyway, I’m rambling, check out the single this Saturday when it drops! It’s definitely a good one!

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