A Breath of Fresh Air

Have you heard The Watershed? Hoochi Coochi’s latest album? No? Then don’t even read this article yet, just go listen to it, because it’s fucking fantastic.

Since I started doing reviews here at 570 Press, I’ve done quite a few reviews on hard rock, death metal, angry indie man yelling (hey Ted), music that is 98% fast paced, hard instrumentals, and delightfully harsh vocals. We have quite the abundance of hard rock and death metal bands in the area, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but when you eat a lot of chocolate, sometimes you just want a ripe piece of fruit (How many of you thought I was gonna say ass?). Hoochi Coochi’s album The Watershed is just that crisp, freshness I needed.

The first song on the album has more of your classic rock n roll vibe and you can sense the flow right away. Though it’s got that rock feel, you know there’s even more depth to this band’s musical ability. That becomes clear as you continue to listen to the rest of the album. With touches of R&B and a twist of soul and a heaping of funk, this album shows just how much Hoochi Coochi has to offer.

Seriously, if you haven’t checked out their new album yet, do so now (link below). This kickass, queer fronted band is not one you wanna miss out on. Plus, the album art is so fucking rad!

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