21 Albums You NEED To Hear in 2021

Hello everyone! It’s that time of the year again! Time for Alonna’s pick of 21 songs and albums you NEED to hear in 2021!

1.) Matriphagy- Tallah
2.) See Through it All- Don’t Panic
3.) Everyone Loves You Once You Leave Them- The Amity Affliction
4.) Too Old To Trick-Or-Treat, Too Young to Die- Horrible Charlie
5.) Moments/Missed Opportunities- Modern Ties
6.) Foxhole- Brotality
7.) Homebody- Phazed
8.) When The Light Burns Out- Handguns
9.) Time to Panic- Crooked Ways
10.) Haunts Me- Council
11.) Creepy Movie Marathon- The Whiskey Bats
12.) Change in Plans- Violet Nine ft. Kellin Quinn
13.) Suicide King- 5-7-Zero
14.) Chemical- Hopeful Sixteen
15.) Medicine for the Soul- TySoul & Maine the Medicine
16.) The Acoustic Years- Sumner Park
17.) Savàge ‘20- Gus the Savàge
18.) THINGSYOUSAID- Flowers for You
19.) Something I Can’t Have- Stay Loud
20.) Tenso- E57
21.) Grey- No Take Backs

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