San Francisco, CA  technical death band FALLUJAH will release their 5th album, Empyrean, on September 9th with Nuclear Blast. On their latest evolution, FALLUJAH has returned to form. The band has emerged from the pandemic revitalization, exploring new sonic realms while revisiting elements of style from their early records. The band’s founding, primary songwriter/guitarist Scott Carstairs and drummer Andrew Baird are joined by their new vocalist Kyle Schaefer and bassist Evan Brewer and the collaboration pays off in spades as it’s one of the best records the band has made to date.

This band 100% rips. as soon as the first song hits up until the last song’s beat, you are thrown into the driver’s seat of hair-splitting guitar solos, blood-pumping blast beats. and ear-piercing vocals. This album has definitely made my top 10 albums of the year no doubt. This album is just so heavy and my favorite thing about it is the slams! I cannot get enough of the super low slams this band produces, I really hope this band tours in the NEPA area because I will 100% be in that pit!

Even though you need to wait until September 9th, how about you go check out the music video for “Radiant Ascension” which is the third song on the album!

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