Bay Area’s dark dreamgaze band “Illudium” will release their second album “Ash of the Womb” on October 15th with Prophecy Productions. This is one record release I am definitely excited for, I absolutely love the dark eerieness of their songs, it reminds me a little like lacuna coil.

What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I  really enjoy heavy songs with synth and this is one band that does not disappoint me at all when it comes to that! I love the powerful vocals, it really brings a lot of these songs together and the dark heavy moments throughout really give a great depth. This is just all-around a great album and I can’t wait for this to drop!

Go check out “Ash of the Womb” on October 15th, you will definitely not be disappointed, especially if you are trying to get into something new. In the meantime, go check out their music video for “Soma Sema” below!

-Written by: Ray Meoni

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